Public API Limits

Daily Limits

There is a daily limit to the number of calls you can make. The number of calls is based on your plan. These calls reset each day at 0:00 GMT.

  • Starter: 1k/day
  • Pro: 5k/day
  • Corporate: 10k/day
  • Enterprise: 25k/day

An upgrade is available to add an additional 25,000 calls per day for $25/month. You can submit the form below to request this upgrade.

Rate Limits

We are enforcing a rate limit of 10 calls per second. Any additional calls after the limit will return an error.

The biggest impact this rate limit has is on iterative programming where you are looping over multiple records all at once without waiting on any successful callbacks to proceed.

With the the rate limit in effect you may need to refactor that code to wait for the successful callback of one call before iterating to the next call.

You also may need to upgrade your plan to accommodate these changes. Upgrading your plan would result in immediate changes to your limits.

Please note that Zapier and other 3rd party integrations also count towards these API limits.

Request API Limit Increase Add-on

If you'd like to increase the number of calls you can make per day, please submit the following form. We'll get back in touch to confirm and then add this to your monthly invoice. We cannot increase the per second limit at this time.