Managing your Assets

This page describes how assets are managed in Knack and how they work with your plan's file storage.

What are assests?

Assets are files that are uploaded to your app through the file and image fields.

How do assets work with my plan?

Each plan comes with a specific amount of file storage. When files or images are uploaded to your apps the size of each asset is added to the total size of files your account is storing.

When are assets deleted?

Assets are not automatically deleted when records are deleted from your app. We need to keep assets available in case backups are needed (once an asset is deleted it's gone forever).

We've since added a special link in your dashboard where you can permanently delete any assets that are currently not being used. Simply click on the file storage amount for each app:


How can I get under my limits?

You have two options:

1. Permanently delete your un-used assets (see above) and check if that gets your file storage under your limit.

2. Choose a new plan that has a high enough limit to accomodate your file storage.

Please note that you may be grandfathered into an older plan that has a different limit than what's currently on our pricing page. Our newer plans have considerably more storage limits so simply moving to the current version of the same plan may give you the room you need.