Application Performance Environment Update: Oct 2022

10/11/2022 Posted by Brandon

This October brought an exciting milestone to Knack – the completion of the customer migration to an entirely new performance environment.

Two years ago, the Knack team decided to fundamentally change how we store your Knack application data. Now, 99%+ of customers are in this new environment and the remainder of 2022 and 2023 will bring exciting updates to the product and your application’s performance.


Why a new performance environment?

As Knack scaled to thousands of customers and millions of records, we saw an increasing need to deliver greater performance and reliability. At the same time, new technologies presented better options for addressing those issues. Ultimately, we decided to undertake the effort to leverage new technology and are excited about the improved capabilities. In addition, this greatly enables us to increase feature velocity and quality going forward. 

How it’d go?

For a project of this size, it went remarkably well. Over the last three months we migrated over more than 50 thousand apps and 250 million records. Each migration ran very quickly to minimize downtime, and customers were able to reschedule migrations as needed.

That doesn’t mean there weren’t hiccups. Although we did our best to minimize disruption, a few unanticipated changes affected customers and we worked with and are working with them to complete any lingering issues. We own this and are completely focused on continual improvements – both as we complete the migration and going forward. We have more work to do and you will continue seeing improvements. 

What does it mean?

A more reliable and stable environment for your Knack apps. We see more consistent performance with fewer spikes in loads that dramatically slow down an app.

It also improves Knack’s internal operations by speeding up or eliminating processes including indexing or backing up data.

Ultimately, Knack is building additional options to improve performance which results in faster applications for you, your end customers, and internal teams. We’ve only just begun to explore these optimizations. We’ve released some, but expect to see continued innovation here.  

What’s next?

Along with Knack’s recent investment, this work puts us in great shape to make progress on the things you care about, like better performance and more product improvements.

Look for more flexibility in design options, including a major revamp to the header and pages menu, along with improving core Knack strengths like workflow and connection features. Stay tuned as we share more of our upcoming roadmap and please let us know what you want to see from Knack by reaching out at with the subject line: Knack Updates in 2023.