Case Study: Senor Check Cashing

12/13/2018 Posted by Carson

It’s always a pleasure when we get to talk to customers and deepdive into their experience with Knack. We’ve been at this for years and have talked to countless customers about countless use cases, but we’re still excited when we come across an app idea we haven’t seen before or get the chance to chat with a customer whose story we haven’t heard yet.

Getting to hear from Sean Qureshi was no exception. Sean is the COO of a chain of financial centers in Texas called Senor Check Cashing, and he was able to attend a Knack Meetup in Austin earlier this year.


Senor Check Cashing provides a wide range of financial services, meaning they have very specific software needs, and data tracking and security are especially paramount. Sean found Knack after his team had poured thousands of dollars into a custom-built solution that in the end couldn’t meet their growing needs.

Since implementing his Knack apps across all branches, Sean and his team have seen exponential growth and saved thousands of dollars. If he hadn’t found this solution, those achievements may never have been met. “There’s this image out there of going from a small company to a larger company. You see other companies, and you tell yourself — well, they’re huge companies, that’s why they’re able to do some of those things,” Sean explained. “I think we would’ve just bought that idea that we’re not big enough to have the data in the way that we need.”

It’s deeply rewarding for us at Knack to see small and medium businesses like Senor Check Cashing allowed the resources to develop into the more expansive and successful teams they were always capable of becoming. Senor Check Cashing helps local, under-banked communities with financial services, and thanks to Knack, they’ve even been able to expand into providing insurance as well!

Now they have what they needed all along: an app that grows along with their business.

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