Developer Docs Upgrade

01/24/2017 Posted by Brandon

One of our major goals for 2017 is to make Knack even more friendly for developers and designers.

We designed Knack from the beginning to be easy to customize and control. JavaScript, CSS, and our API can be used to do some amazing things to extend the features and design of an application.

We’ve also learned a ton along the way about how developers and designers are working with Knack, including where the struggles are and what can be improved.

We’ve taken that learning to begin a major wave of improvements, starting with our new and improved developer documentation! These dev docs are now live at

These docs are a massive improvement over our old articles:

  • Better navigation: we’ve separated these docs from the rest of our knowledge base to build a site optimized for navigating, searching, and viewing documentation.
  • Improved organization: documentation is now organized around the major areas of focus: API, JavaScript, and CSS. Sub-navigation makes it easy to find what you need.
  • Consistent formatting: each API request is clearly defined and labeled, with supporting examples and code when applicable.
  • More code examples: we’ve grouped all code examples together and are continuing to add to our library.

This is just the start. We have big plans for continuing to improve our documentation and add additional features and functions for developers:

  • We’ll be adding more utility functions for manipulating the Knack user interface and the application data, with better documentation and examples.
  • With our pending theme upgrades our CSS styles will be greatly simplified and much easier to manipulate. Modifier classes will be available to add standard UI and layout changes.
  • We’ll be incorporating more triggers and events to respond to.

Let us know what other improvements we can make!

Are you a developer or designer interested in getting paid to help build and customize apps for Knack customers? Sign up to be a certified Knack builder. Once approved you’ll be able to view and respond to project submissions.