Feature Highlight: Allow Users to Add New Options in Forms

11/17/2017 Posted by Ranasha

In Knack, adding a multiple choice or connection field to your object is a great way to categorize or connect your data. Users can choose from a dropdown menu of options and associate the record with a category or record in a connected object.  

For example, consider the following example.


Multiple choice and connection fields make it possible for you to offer several options to the user.  However, in some cases, the correct response is not always available. How can users add another option without needing to access the builder?  

Well, it just so happens we have a solution for allowing users, in the live app, to add new options from within the form!


How to allow users to add new options in forms

  • Head to the Pages tab of the Builder
  • Find the page where your form view is located
  • Click on the gear icon to open up the view’s options


  • Find the field you want to enable the feature on and hover your cursor over it
  • Click the gear icon to open up the field settings

In the screenshot below, you can enable this feature on both multiple choice fields and connection fields.


  • Next to Custom Options, check the box to allow users to add new options

Enabling this feature on a multiple choice field will add a new option.


Enabling this feature on a connection field will add a new record to the connected object.


Once enabled, app users can now add new options by clicking on the “Add new option link”.

When a user clicks on the “Add a new option” link, a modal popup of the form will open.  The user can complete the form, click submit and see their new option populated as the selected field value.

Example: Multiple Choice Field

Adding a new multiple choice field option will open up a lightbox with a field to add a new option.

Success the new option has been added!


Example: Connection Field

Adding a new connected option will open up a child form to add a new record.


Success the new campaign has been added!


This feature is available with all plans.  If you are interested in linking related data using dynamic drop downs, check out our guide below.