Feature Highlight: Automatically Capture a User’s Location

05/25/2017 Posted by Odalis

Forms work well for capturing information from any user. But mistakes can happen when entering information that creates more work for you!

For example, let’s say you offer your customers on-site services for the equipment they’ve purchased. You’ve noticed that in the last few requests the service location has been incorrect. For one request that resulted in your team getting to the customer 2 hours later than expected.

You could set up a new process for verifying service locations, or you could capture those locations automatically. No user input required.


How to Automatically Capture a User’s Location

Here’s how you can set this up in your own form using a Record Rule:

  1. In the Pages section of the builder, select the page that holds the form you want to use to capture the user’s location.
  1. Click on the form on that page to open the editor.
  1. Go to the Form Rules section and then click on the Record Rules tab:

  1. Click the “Add Rule” button and use the following settings for your record rule:
  • Action Update this record
  • When leave blank, unless you only want to capture the location under specific circumstances
  • Values Set {select your Address field} to the user’s current location

Note: This will work for Address fields with either the Address or Latitude/Longitude input type: