Feature Highlight: Reveal Data Faster using Value Links

07/27/2017 Posted by Odalis

Users can get frustrated and use your app less if getting the information they need requires too much jumping around. They want it to be as easy as possible to get what they need and then continue with their day.

For example, we have a Donations page that includes the name of the donor that made the donation:

Our users would love if they could click on the Donor name on the table to find out more about a specific donor. Otherwise, they need to first navigate to the Donors page and then search for the Donor to see their details. It may not seem like a lot of extra steps, but when you have to do that daily, it can be irritating.

So we’re going to use Value Links to make the donor names clickable and send users directly to the donor’s details page.

How to Add Value Links to Views

Here’s how you can add your own value links throughout your app.

1. In the Pages section of the builder, select the page with the view you want to add a value link to.

2. Click on the view on that page to open the editor.

3. Edit the Column (on a Table view) or edit the Detail (on a List or Details view) by hovering over it and clicking the pencil icon:

Table view

Details view

4. In the Value Link drop-down, select the page you want that field to link to:

Note: Only existing pages associated with this field will be available to select from the Value Link option. In this example, Donor is a connection field in the Donations object and there is a page that shows details for each donor.

That’s it!

Now when a user sees that view, they’ll see a clickable link for that field that takes them to the page you selected: