Feature Updates Galore!

03/20/2018 Posted by Brandon

We’re excited to announce some recent product updates! Here at Knack we’re committed to continually improving in ways both big and small. The following are some new upgrades that may not be major, but we think they’re majorly helpful!

Date Formatter Function

Our new date formatter function allows you to display date fields any way you want! Date/Time fields only have three different format choices: mm/dd/yyyy; M D, yyy; and dd/mm/yyyy, but this new feature greatly expands your options for displaying those values.

Simply add a text formula field and use the following function: formatDate(Date, Output format). This will suggest several common formats, but you can also customize them:

Date formatter

Reset Search

In the past, you had to manually delete your previous search and re-click ‘search’ in order to clear your results. This added up to a lot of extra clicks when performing multiple searches.

To that end, we’ve added a ‘Reset’ button to immediately clear keyword searches:

Reset search

Bottom of View Pagination

Some tables are short. Some tables are long. Some tables are in between. For those tables (and lists) with higher numbers of records, it was inconvenient to have to scroll all the way to the top in order to see which page you were on or to navigate between pages.

To fix this, we’ve added pagination controls at the bottom of views as well:


This is an optional setting, which you can always disable in your view options.

Reorder User Roles

Previously, user roles couldn’t be reordered like other objects. This was troublesome because it meant you had to get the order right the first time. Otherwise, you would have to delete and re-add them if you wanted to change their order.

Now, just like with other objects, you can reorder user roles and drag and drop to your heart’s content!

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 4.41.34 PM

We’ve always got more updates in the works, so keep your eyes peeled for our next round of improvements!