Featured Web Apps: February

02/18/2013 Posted by Brandon

This is the latest entry in a series describing different web apps and online databases that Knack users are building:

  • Project Management: Photobox, the leading European online photo service, uses Knack to manages special projects across multiple teams.
  • Cashflow Management: a bag manufacturer is using Knack to manage orders, deliveries, and cash-flow reports. Special access is given to accountants for key reports.
  • Homeowners Portal: an HOA uses Knack for a neighborhood directory and for tracking HOA issues.
  • Freight Management: a trucking company uses Knack for a full service freight management solution, including invoices and accounting, trips and logs, and fleet management.
  • Production Whiteboard: an online marketing firm uses Knack to manage production roles and deadlines.

We’re really excited about each of these custom web apps and online databases. We can’t wait to see what will be built with Knack next!