Introducing Two-Factor Authentication for the Builder

10/16/2019 Posted by Danielle

We are excited to announce Two-Factor Authentication for the Builder!

Every day we are humbled that you choose Knack to manage your data and business processes. To honor that trust we are dedicated to security to ensure that your apps are protected and secure.




Two-Factor Authentication, or 2FA, allows you to add an additional layer of security to your Builder. With 2FA enabled you will be required to authenticate twice when logging into your Knack Builder account. First by logging in with what you know: your email and password. Second, you will have to provide something you don’t know: a randomly generated six-digit code from an authentication app of your choosing.


2FA Builder Setup


Enabling 2FA is just one of the many best practices you can take to increase your app security. We recommend regularly monitoring your app and leveraging other Knack security features for the Live App, such as enabling minimum password requirements, inactivity logouts and limiting failed login attempts for your app users.

You can read more on Two-Factor Authentication and security best practices here.