Knack Design Refresh

08/04/2014 Posted by Eric

Wow how time does fly. 4 years ago we started developing Knack with a small handful of eager customers so they could start building their own online databases and web apps.

Since that time we've added a ton of new features, redesigned our website, tried countless experiments, and even changed our name.

The one thing that has not received much attention was the design of the Knack builder. It's always taken the back seat to other priorties. It's even using our old color scheme of blue and orange!

That all changed this year as we've been working on a design refresh. The timing was right because of how much we've learned from you – our customers! You've shown us what needed to be better and we wanted to implement those improvements.

We're currently planning on making this new builder design live in the near future. We want to walk through some of the changes and improvements that you can expect to see:

Improved Design

  • An open and larger design, with more room to work.
  • More of that great Knack fuschia color!
  • Less clutter – app settings have been moved a small icon in the far upper left.
More Intuitive
  • Adding scenes now has a wizard to greatly simplify the process. This is a big one and combines many steps that had to be done separately before.
  • “Scenes” are now called “Pages” because pages just made more sense.
  • User Logins can be added straight from the database or interface if needed.
Easier To Use
  • Available options are more obvious and eaiser to access.
  • Editing views will use the full browser instead of just a small window.
  • Fields can be added with drag and drop.
New Features

  • Storage limits can be viewed and managed in your dashboard app list.
  • Search views can show results by default.
  • Lists can optionally hide empty fields from displaying.
Screenshots for the new design after the break:

New Dashboard

App Settings

Database: Objects & Fields

New Add Page Wizard

Full Screen View Edit

Add Fields with Drag & Drop