Accept Payments with your Knack App

09/02/2015 Posted by Brandon

When we first started brainstorming about the idea that would lead to Knack we always talked about including payments. It was a while ago, but I’m pretty sure that some dollar sign or credit card drawing was on one of those early whiteboards.

It made perfect sense: E-Commerce adds so much power and really opens up the potential for the types of apps that can be built with Knack:

  • A customer portal can allow customer to pay invoices.
  • A purchase order app can include payments for those orders.
  • A donation management app can take live donations that plug right in.
After a lot of careful thought and development we’re thrilled to release our first round of E-Commerce features so you can now accept payments with Stripe or PayPal!

Please note that E-commerce features only available on our Pro plans and above.

How it works

Our implementation starts with forms. You can now choose to enable E-Commerce on any form that has a numeric field you can use as the amount to charge:

A special checkout view is added that controls how the user makes a payment. You can display a summary and choose which providers to integrate with, like Stripe or Paypal:

After the user submits their payment a new charge record is added to your database.

Click here for our full documentation on adding E-Commerce to your forms.

What can you build with this?

We mentioned a few examples above and we’ve also seen some great examples with some early beta testers:

  • Paying invoices
  • Membership paywall
  • Purchasing tickets for events
  • Submitting and paying for orders
One of the biggest advantages is you can now use Knack as a comprehensive solution for any process that requires payments.

This was what got John Katez with SwagRobot so excited:

“With our old system, we had to create invoices with a third party solution which could not account for customer specific pricing. Now we have automated customer pricing and they can view proofs, approve orders and even pay their invoices through the portal.”

What’s next?

Our forms integration is just the start of our eventual plans to take over the E-Commerce world!

Here’s what’s coming next:

  • An independent checkout view that can be dropped anywhere in your interface and doesn’t require a form submission.
  • Multiple checkout actions like “create customer” and “update customer” so you can save Stripe customers and make charges at any time.
  • Recurring options with Stripe to integrate closely with logins and membership.
  • Additional payment processors.
We’d love to hear your feedback! Add your ideas and comments to our forum topic here.