How Knack Partners Can Help You Go Further, Faster

06/19/2020 Posted by Jeremy


No matter how intuitive a no-code application development platform is, you’re still developing an application. For many customers, making the journey with a trusted Knack partner becomes just as important as choosing Knack in the first place.

Here at Knack, we have the privilege of welcoming new customers as they arrive every day. While each has made their own journey, many have followed similar routes. They’ve struggled with the rigid paths of pre-built software but avoided the hazardous terrain of custom developed web apps because they’re too expensive, too complex and too slow to develop.

With the rise of the no-code movement, more businesses than ever are turning to platforms like Knack as a way to forge their own path, solve their unique business challenges, and arrive at true digital transformation.

While choosing the right no-code tool is an important first step, it’s only after you’ve logged into the platform that the real journey begins. No-code tools allow you to skip past the time, expertise, and expense of coding. But successfully arriving at a complete solution still requires careful consideration of business requirements, data relationships, application architecture, and much more.

Thankfully, Knack can quickly become as comfortable to use as your favorite pair of shoes. Knack customers often find they can arrive at a solution themselves, and enjoy the process. But no matter how intuitive a no-code application development platform is, you’re still developing an application. For many customers, making the journey with a trusted Knack partner becomes just as important as choosing Knack in the first place.

Get There Faster

Knack’s ease-of-use means anyone can become proficient, but Knack partners are already experts. Most have years of experience building solutions to some of the most complex problems that organizations can face.

With any new tool, those who journey alone must take some time to familiarize themselves with the map, understand the terrain and take some initial, tentative steps. Meanwhile, your Knack Partner can hit the ground running and will have already passed several milestones. All while carrying your pack (and possibly you) along for the ride.

Find a Better Way

Knack Partners are not only proficient at building apps, but understanding the underlying motivations and challenges within your organization. They’re experts at optimizing complex workflows, connecting disparate systems and recommending appropriate best practices.


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See Around the Bend

It’s always been tough to predict the future, but these days it can seem downright impossible. It’s hard enough to build an app that accommodates this week’s needs, but what about next week’s? Or next year’s?

While no one can truly know what the future holds, Knack Partners can recommend best practices and plan a solution that not only addresses today’s challenges, but also serves as a solid foundation for future additions. That means no more dead ends. The Knack platform and your Knack partner can help transform your organization to be endlessly adaptable. You can make changes to your app on-the-fly, as your processes change and needs grow.

Focus on What You Do Best

While your expertise is in running your business, Knack Partners’ expertise is leveraging Knack to help your organization overcome its limitations. Knack Partners are at their best when they allow you to do what you do best.

After taking the time to understand your operations and challenges, your Knack partner gets to work building a solution that will help your organization overcome those challenges. During your app’s development, they handle the technology while you handle your business. And after the app is launched, the digital workflows and automated processes allow you to focus more on strategy, and less on time-consuming busywork.

Get the Training You Need

Not only can Knack Partners plan and build your app, they can also train your team to get the most out the new capabilities that it provides. And if you want to maintain the app yourself, they can help familiarize you with Knack builder and the inner workings of your solution.

Go Further

Knack partners not only help you focus on what you do best, they help your best become even better. They can bring you beyond just a solution to your current challenges. Their holistic understanding of both the Knack platform and your organization empowers you to achieve true digital transformation.

Ultimately, if you’re short on time and want to ensure you get the most complete solution, there’s no better way than a trusted Knack Partner.