Knack Zaps: Webmerge

06/08/2014 Posted by Brandon


In our last post we talked about the Zapier Email Parser and the utility it extends to your Knack apps. Another Zapier integration that works really well with Knack is the Webmerge Zap. Webmerge is a web service that allows you to convert your records into a PDF or Office Doc in minutes.

The Webmerge Zap

When you connect Webmerge to Knack, you can send records to Webmerge to create custom PDF’s and Docs for things like:

  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Order Confirmations
  • Reports
  • Real Estate Listings

Webmerge works similiarly to the Zapier Email Parser in that you can map fields from your Knack database plus any additional text or content you choose to include to Webmerge creating your own custom PDF’s or Docs.

This has been the most frequently requested integration by our customers for quite some time. Now you can begin using this service immediately by clicking the ‘learn more’ link below.

Pro Tip: Be sure to share the Zaps you use from the Zapier Dashboard. For every person that you share a Zap with that signs up, both of you will earn 100 extra tasks per month.