New Template App: Attendance Tracker

06/15/2015 Posted by Brandon

One of the most common app questions we get is if Knack can handle different attendance apps:

  • Schools taking class attendance.
  • Churches managing small group attendance.
  • Corporations taking attendance and roll-calls for trainings and meetings.

Attendance apps sound simple but can quickly get complicated. How are you reporting attendance? Who’s in charge of taking attendance? Are you recording any additional information? Maybe you want to track each member that attended and if they brought any visitors.

Knack shines in building custom attendance applications like this where you need to tailor your attendance around specific needs.

We recently built a new template app to show a few examples of how attendance can work.

School Attendance Example

This new template is designed for school teachers to track daily student class attendance, view historical attendance rates, and report on class totals.

School administrators manage the addition of teachers, the creation of classes and the assignment of teachers and students to the classes.

We also included a parent-teacher association (PTA) attendance tracker. Administration can schedule the meetings and take attendance.

Simple & Advanced Attendance

The simplest way to take attendance is similar to the PTA teacher attendance from our example. It’s merely a connection look-up that can connect to many teachers. The admin selects the teachers in attendance and that connection can be used for formulas and reporting:

To take more advanced attendance a separate attendance object is needed that can connect each possible attendee to each class or meeting.

For our school example this means a teacher can see the full roster of students for each class day and then simply check off who is absent. It also makes it easy to add any additional information for each attendance if needed.

You could manually add each student for a class day but this would be cumbersome with large classes. For the example app we added a custom code snippet that automatically adds an attendance record for each student when a new class is added. This way the teacher can simply choose a class, set the attendance date and then check any students that are absent. Very easy!

The Attendance Tracker template is now available to install from your Knack dashboard. Give it a try and let us know if you build a great attendance app.