Perfect Uses for Knack: Case Management

02/26/2019 Posted by Ranasha

Case management tools are great for tracking the information you need to work with a client. Additionally, they can help to streamline workflows from the first contact to case resolution. Knack has great features to help you stay on top of your high priority cases and get more out of your data.

How can Knack help?

Alerts and Notifications

Add status indicators to visually highlight items that need immediate action.  

Case Management

Create scheduled tasks to send event-based email notifications.


Track Time

Further enhance your app by tracking billable and non-billable hours using date fields, formulas, and equations.

Time Tracking

Access your app from anywhere

Add new cases, review existing, or add notes while on the go.  

Mobile Access

Who uses it?

Shalley and Murray were able to build a simple yet powerful law firm call tracking app which enabled them to move away from spreadsheet madness.

Read their full case study here

Case Management Examples

  • Law/Legal
  • Health Care
  • Social Work
  • Employment

See it in Action!

Check out our template apps to see what’s possible with Knack:

If you have any questions on how to manage your own cases with Knack, always feel free to reach out to