Perfect Uses for Knack: Research Management

11/27/2018 Posted by Ranasha

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Conducting research can help build better products, services, or care for future generations. However documenting and sharing large amounts of data can be tough. Managing your data throughout its lifecycle can save your organization countless hours.

How can Knack help?

Knack has many useful features that can help your team confidently store, backup, and manage your research data.

  • Be a central place for recording research data
  • Enable other researchers to securely view data online
  • Validate data to support consistency
  • Reduce data redundancy and improve integrity using field types
  • Connect with other 3rd party programs

Analyze your data and report findings using pivot tables, pie charts, and more

Capture research data via forms

Example of a Knack customer’s form used to survey farmers around the country.



Normalize data using various field options

To ensure the data values remain accurate and consistent throughout the database, Knack gives you various field types to choose from for maintaining the data.


Securely share data with other researchers

Allow other researchers to register and login to view data and research findings.


Who uses it?

National Grazing Lands Coalition

Dr. Clary collects data from farms and ranches around the country. Previous to Knack, this was done the old-fashioned way: on paper. He would send surveys to farmers, who would fill them out and mail them back to him. He’d then manually input their responses himself. Now this is automated with Knack, freeing up hours of his time.

Read their full story here

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