Upgrading our Text Combo to Text Formula

04/28/2016 Posted by Brandon

We just gave our text combo field so many new super-powers we had to rename it.

Introducing the new Text Formula: it’s a magical combination of our old Text Combo field and the recent equation updates.

You can combine any text values like before but now you can also include a great library of text-based functions.

These new functions will let you manipulate text and extract values from your fields.

Text functionsThese functions will work on manually entered text or values from other fields:

  • left: extracts the first characters in a text string, based on the number of characters specified
  • right: extracts the last characters in a text string, based on the number of characters specified
  • mid: extracts a sub-string of a string, starting at a start position and ending at an end position
  • length: gets the number of characters in a text string
  • regexReplace: replace a regular expression value found in a string with another value
  • extractRegex: extract the first matching regular expression from a string.
  • replace: replace a value found in a string with another value
  • lower: convert a text string to lower case
  • upper: convert a text string to upper case
  • capitalize: capitalize the first letter of a string
  • random: outputs a random string containing upper-case letters, lower-case letters, and numbers

Field functionsThese functions can extract specific values from complex fields like names or addresses, like getting just the last name from a name field:

  • getAddressStreet
  • getAddressStreet2
  • getAddressCity
  • getAddressZip
  • getAddressCity
  • getAddressState
  • getAddressCountry
  • getNameTitle
  • getNameFirst
  • getNameLast
  • getLinkURL
  • getLinkLabel

Date functionsThese functions can extract text components from a date value, like the name of the day or month:

  • getDateDayOfWeekName
  • getDateMonthName

As a bonus we included date functions into the Equation field as well:

  • getDateDayOfWeek
  • getDateDayOfMonth
  • getDateWeek
  • getDateMonth
  • getDateQuarter
  • getDateYear

Click here for full documentation on the new Text Formula field.