Send Webmerge Documents Back to Knack

12/06/2017 Posted by Danielle

We are really excited to share a new integration built by our old friends at Webmerge!

While we have previously offered a few options for integration using Zapier or custom code, we are excited to share the new update from Webmerge: Knack Delivery

Knack Delivery is a feature that allows you to automatically deliver generated Webmerge files to your Knack app.

This new delivery option can be enabled directly inside the Webmerge app and with the click of a button. You can now deliver your generated files back to your Knack app allowing you to share this doc with your customers, employees, or business partners.



Webmerge has been at the forefront of custom automated document management for quite some time and it is no secret we share many of the same customers. It is with this in mind, as well as the increased demand, that the team at Webmerge wanted to build this directly into their app.

We hope you find this resource a helpful improvement in managing your data and custom documents! To find more information on this new Webmerge integration, check out the overview here.


Team Knack