What’s next?

11/22/2016 Posted by Brandon

This year has seen a focus on major projects.

Knack has continued to grow into a mature company managing billions of database records for customers all over the world. To keep up with that pace, we’ve undertaken major projects to address virtually every aspect of our product and infrastructure.

With all these major projects flying around we thought now would be a great time to review everything we’re working on and where Knack is going.

What got completed?

The first major project was completely revamping our infrastructure to better leverage a cloud-based architecture that can grow dynamically and be isolated to different geographic areas.

We then completely redesigned our Builder, making it easier to use and adding features like view previews, and/or filters, and batch deleting.

After the builder we moved our Knowledge Base to a new provider, improving our articles and videos as well as giving us more insight into how we can offer better support.

So what’s next?

Live application themes

This is our next major project, and one that we’re super excited about.

It’s become obvious that the look and feel of our live applications have not seen much love for a few years. This is about to change in a big way.

We’re completely redesigning our live application designs. Along with creating a brand new default Knack theme, we’re working on adding a library of additional themes to choose from.

A major focus is on mobile and responsive performance. Each app will look polished and optimized for whatever device you are viewing it on.

We’re upgrading our menus to allow for drop-down menus, better mobile options, and different placements and styles.

We’re making things easier to customize for our developer/designer community. CSS styles will be easier to apply and change, and more options will be added to include or exclude styles in embedded websites. We’re even adding Bootstrap themes so it will be easy to customize a Knack app with a Bootstrap theme of your choice.

These upgrades will also pave the way for more customization options that we’ll be adding in the near future.


Another major project currently in development is taking our E-Commerce features to the next level with subscriptions and customer accounts.

Your users will be able to sign up for subscriptions as well as save their customer information to your app so multiple payments can be made.

These upgrades will enable some exciting E-Commerce applications to easily be built with Knack:

  • Customer portals where customers can view and pay invoices directly from your website.
  • Membership paywalls where customers can subscribe to access content or functionality.
  • Subscription services where customers can manage subscriptions around different plans or quantities.

These features will start with the Stripe payment processor, with future expansion into other payment processors.


As Knack grows, a constant emphasis will be on managing capacity and improving performance.

Knack is now handling billions of database records from users all over the world, and we’ve had to continuously improve our infrastructure to accommodate this growth while keeping things affordable.

It hasn’t always been a smooth ride but we’re pleased with the results of our recent efforts and have many more optimizations to come. We will continue to place a major emphasis on performance.

EU and regional datacenters

Our infrastructure upgrades enabled us to deploy our first regional data center based in the European Union. This has allowed Knack customers to comply with Safe Harbor and Data Protection laws, which stipulates that all data generated from European users stays in the European Union.

We’re continuing to optimize these servers, and will be taking these learnings to open up new regional data centers, with Southeast Asia or Australia likely being the next target.

Enterprise Offerings

Our infrastructure upgrades have also opened up new offerings for enterprise customers requesting additional security, optimization, and customization.

This can include increased record limits, isolated data storage, and even entire server clusters completely dedicated to processing customer applications.

We’re working with early customers to optimize these offerings and will soon be making them available on our site. Please reach out to us if this is something you are interested in now.


Along with our new knowledge base, we’ll soon be completely revamping our API docs, as well as adding additional resources like app examples, video tutorials, and more how-tos.

We’ve also more than doubled our customer success team this year, and we’re excited to increase our focus on on setting up each Knack customer to get the most from their applications.


Finally, we’ll be starting a Knack roadmap to help communicate about what we’re actively working on and some of our plans for the immediate future.

This roadmap will be subject to change, and we still won’t be able to provide exact estimates or timelines on feature releases, but we do hope it helps to provide some insight into where Knack is going.

The roadmap offers a glimpse of what Knack will become. We couldn’t be more excited about making that vision a reality. Of course that vision won’t fulfill itself, so time to get back to work!