Online Database Definitions

It's likely that some of these database terms won't be very familiar, so let's walk through them:

  • An online database is a collection of information that you define. Online means the database is available on the Internet through a web browser.
  • An app is a combination of an online database and pages you define to access that database. Pages can be built with forms, tables, calendars and other visual elements. Each app is completely independent but a single app can have multiple pages that cover an extensive feature-set.
  • A record is a single instance of data in the database. For example, you may define Companies and store information about a single company record. You may also define employees, so information about a single employee would be another record.
  • A user is a special record that includes emails and passwords so the user can login to access your app. Knack doesn't charge by the user -- each user just counts as a record stored in your database.