Build Online Databases

Knack is a platform that makes it really easy to build online databases and web apps.

It's perfect for designers. You can keep your focus on design and HTML and still offer your clients online databases and web apps that you can customize and control the look of.

Do I need to know programming?

Nope. With Knack you don't need to know anything about databases or programming. You use Knack to define your database with simple tools. You can then build apps by adding visual elements like forms, searches, tables, calendars, and more that work with the records in your database.

How does it work?

Knack takes care of all the hard stuff behind the scenes. You don't have to host or store any of the databases or code. You just build your app and then publish it to your site when it's ready. After you publish it your app will automatically update whenever you make any changes.

What about user logins?

Knack makes it easy to protect parts of your app for specific users. You can even have a user login and only view records that have been assigned to them. This makes it easy to develop apps like client portals where a client can log in to view a project update or track their invoice history.

Can my clients manage the data that the app is displaying?

Yes, you can have one part of your app that is embedded on your website and a separate section for your clients to login and do things like add or update records the website is displaying.

Can I pay someone to build this for me?

Yes! We have a network of certified Knack Experts who are available to help. You can search for experts and post your project here.