Customize Your Apps

Knack was designed from the beginning to be easily customized, and we've really focused on two areas that designers know best: CSS and jQuery.

How does it work?

When a Knack app is published to your site the code for the app is actually injected right into your HTML. This means that it will follow any CSS rules applied to that HTML and can also follow any scripts you include on that page. This enables you to customize both the look and functionality.

How far can I customize the look?

As far as your CSS and jQuery tools can take you. We've kept a simple semantic style for the HTML with specific class names for easy selectors, so you can override any default Knack styles.

jQuery adds extra power: you can replace text with icons, move elements around, iterate through rows and lists, and more.

What about handling user interactions?

Yes! With Knack we've added jQuery events that you can subscribe to. So you can show a custom message when a user fills out a form, or update one part of your website when a new record is added.

Can I control the records in my database?

Yes, there is a Knack RESTful API that can be used to select, add, and update records in your Knack database.

Can I pay someone to customize my app for me?

Yes! We have a network of certified Knack Experts who are available to help. You can search for experts and post your project here.