Publish Your Apps

Most web designers have heard demands like these from their clients:
  • "Can you turn this spreadsheet into a searchable database?"
  • "How can our clients log in to our site and view their records?"
  • "We need our customers to easily browse and search through our product database"

Knack is perfect for adding online database apps like these right into your site. They will adapt to the surrounding design and can be updated with CSS and jQuery.

How do I publish my app?

It's a simple process. You get an embed script (similar to how YouTube works) that you add to the HTML of any webpage you want the app to appear on.

Can I publish it to multiple web pages?

Yes. You can divide your app into multiple scenes, where each scene can display different things and be published on different pages.

Does it work with WordPress and other CMS providers?

Yes, it works will with WordPress, although occasionally another plugin may conflict with the Knack code. It also works well with Weebly, Joomla, and others.

How will it look on my site?

Certain styles will be instantly adopted, like the link color and the header sizes. Other elements have minimal styling that can be over-ridden with CSS.