Can I customize the look and feel
of my Knack pages?

Yes, Knack is easy to customize with custom colors and designs.

Key Highlights
  • Colors and layout options can be configured directly in the Knack builder.

  • Pages can be embedded into your own website.

  • Designers can use CSS and JavaScript to customize virtually every part of your app.

Knack is best at building completely custom applications, and we understand that customizing the look and feel is a big part of that.

We offer a number of options for customizing the appearance of your Knack apps so you build and design the exact app you need.

Basic layout and colors in the builder

You can customize your app directly from the App Settings section of the Builder, including:

  • Colors of the header, links, and buttons
  • Your logo
  • The main menu style and colors

customizing the logo and colors through the builder

Custom icons and styles

You can add icons to many links and menus. Tables and other views can be customized to highlight table cells with a different background color and icon depending on the value of the record.

adding icons to the page menu and styles to the table

Click on the following links for more information about these customizations:

Embed into your website

You can embed your Knack app directly into your website or blog. Embedded apps will take on the look and feel of your website's design, so they will look completely integrated with the rest of your site.

an embedded app adapting to the surrounding website design

You can also use your website to display additional content like a customized header, a footer, and additional pages.

You can choose to embed your entire app or just specific pages. There are no limits to the number of times you can embed your apps.

Click here to learn more about embedding your app.

Use CSS and JavaScript

For designers and developers, CSS and JavaScript are available for more involved customization.

using css to further customize an app's fonts, styles, and colors

CSS enables you to customize every visual aspect of the layout, including colors and fonts. JavaScript can be used to alter the interface and add interactivity.

Virtually every aspect of the Knack application is accessible through CSS and JavaScript, so there's no limit to how far you can customize your app.

Click here to learn more about CSS and JavaScript.

Knack Expert Network

If you are interested in customizing your app but don't have access to designer resources, the Knack Expert Network may be an option for you.

You can post your project and designers familiar with Knack will provide estimates on doing the work for you. You're free to engage with any Knack Expert and negotiate the terms that work for you.

Click here to submit a project to the Knack Expert Network.

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