Can I integrate Knack with other data, products, and services?

Yes, Knack is designed to easily integrate with other services.

Key Highlights
  • Zapier makes it easy to set up automations between Knack and other services.

  • Developers can use Knack's powerful API for more robust integrations.

  • The Knack Expert Network is available if you need help developing an integration.

Your data is everywhere, and to get the most out of it you need your different services to play well together.

While Knack is a powerful database tool on its own, we've designed Knack to help you integrate your data across these applications so you can do even more with it.


With Zapier, you can set up "Zaps" to send data between Knack and over 750 other applications, including popular apps like Google Apps, Slack, MailChimp, and others.

some of Zapier's options to connect with

Zaps can be triggered directly from your Knack app, like when a form is submitted, and Zaps triggered from other apps can create and update records in your Knack database (including connected records).

You can search Zapier’s site to see if another application you use is available to integrate with.

Click here for more details on using Zapier with Knack.

Knack API

Knack's API provides even more power to share information between different applications.

  • Respond to updates to your Knack database to update data in other services.
  • Trigger integrations when users take actions in your Knack apps.
  • Respond to actions from other servcies to update your Knack database.
  • Create scripts to sync data from other sources.

The API can work with virtually any programming language so the sky (and your programming skills) is the limit!

Click here to view our Developer Docs for details on working with our API.

Knack Builder Network

If you are interested in building a custom integration but don't have access to developer resources, the Knack Expert Network may be an option for you.

You can post your project and developers familiar with Knack will provide estimates on doing the work for you. You're free to engage with any Knack Builder and negotiate the terms that work for you.

Click here to submit a project to the Knack Expert Network.

About Knack

We want to help you manage, share, and automate your data.

Our goal is to make it easy to do amazing things with your data.

Knack combines a powerful online database with simple tools like forms, searches, and calendars so you can build custom apps with no coding required.

We take care of all the hard stuff like hosting, security, and reliabilty so you can focus on what's important: your data.

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