Can I migrate my Access, Filemaker, SQL,
or other database?

Yes, you can migrate your data to Knack from third party databases.

Key Highlights
  • Import all of your relational data using .csv files.

  • Use the Knack API to programmatically insert your data.

  • Importing and API insertion is limited to data only. Forms, reports, and workflow, for example, will need to be built in Knack.

Import a spreadsheet

Importing a spreadsheet is the most direct method to move data into Knack. Most third party software solutions enable you to export your data in a few different formats. With Knack, you will need to import a CSV formatted file. You can either export your data from your other database in CSV format or Excel or Google Sheets to convert the file to CSV format.

When you migrate your data to Knack via import, you will have the option to add that data to an existing object or create a new object. Objects in Knack are the same as a “table” in Access and other tools.

A guided wizard makes importing your data quick and easy!

Before migrating your data to Knack, consider whether you need to create relationships, or connections, between your data. If so, including one unique ID field in each of your objects will help you relate your data during the import process.

Click on the following links for more information about importing records:

Use the Knack API

Using our REST API, you can write code to transfer your data to Knack. This is a nice option should you plan to consistently add new data to your Knack database in large quantities and on a schedule.

The Knack API and necessary information is detailed in our developer documentation, which covers how to correctly identify objects (tables) in which you would like to add data.

Our Developer Documents provide detailed information on our API and how to use it.

Click here to see our Developer Documentation.

Knack Expert Network

If you are interested in using the API to get your data into Knack but lack programmer resources, the Knack Expert Network may be an option for you.

You can post your project and programmers familiar with Knack will provide estimates on doing the work for you. You're free to engage with any Knack Expert and negotiate the terms that work for you.

Click here to submit a project to the Knack Expert Network.

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