Forte Computing uses Knack to build client applications

What is Forte Computing?

Forte Computing is an IT Consulting business with clients that include small business, non-profits, farms, medical, legal, manufacturing, local government and individuals

What problem were you having that made you look at Knack?

Many of my clients struggle with sharing Excel spreadsheets or have data that they would like to access from anywhere.

How has Knack helped?

The Knack team has guided me and help to customize several successful applications ranging from a CRM app that I use (calendering, estimates, invoices, customer database, etc) to a more sophisticated application for a company that rents trailers, storage containers and storage units. This app prints contracts, schedules, and invoices as well as delivery slips.

Which Knack features do you like most?

So far I like all the features - beginning with SUPPORT and HELP, an easy to use product, versatile, and customizable.