Our Story

The Idea

The idea for Knack was born partly from frustration.

Our team has built a lot of online databases and web applications. In fact, our entire careers were working at web agencies where that was our specialty.

Once you build enough online databases you begin to see patterns. We started to recognize that each application required many of the same features:
  • Importing data from spreadsheets
  • Great search and filters
  • Easy ways to display and edit records

It was frustrating to keep re-inventing the wheel, so we began developing tools that could be used as building blocks to jump-start each application. The results were a big reduction in development time.

The Process

Soon, we started pondering the obvious next question:

"What if we could build a web application that could build web applications?"

It's a tough problem, but we knew that if we could nail it we'd really be on to something. Other attempts have been too technical; we wanted our solution to focus on simplicity, ease of use, and great design.

After enough pizza, beer, and late night white-board sessions we felt we had a solution that could work.

We started with a prototype and we were able to prove to ourselves that the idea was a good one. We now had a viable product. We made it official and founded Knack.

Fortunately, we were able to convince others that it was a good idea as well. DreamIt Ventures, a startup incubator in Philadelphia, accepted Knack as part of their Summer 2010 program with a seed stage investment.

We spent 2 long years working closely with early users to continually refine the product. We officially launched in the fall of 2012 and have been running full steam ahead ever since.

The Result

Now Knack is being used across the globe to power a huge variety of apps and online databases, from enterprise project management to small business CRMs.

We get a genuine thrill every time we see a new app built with Knack. Knowing that we've improved a small business in Kansas or empowered an entrepreneur in Ghana is what makes it all worthwhile.

We hope you'll stick around for all the great ideas we have coming soon.

- Brandon & Eric, founders