Support Policies

We're thrilled to offer oustanding support to help you build. Our friendly team of Knack experts are here for you as a resource to ensure you're getting the most value from using Knack.

The following policies outline what the expectations of these support services should be, what our support is and is not intended for, and some best practices to ensure that we can offer our support services in a clear and efficient manner.

Examples of what Knack support services are intended for.

  • Product support. Ultimately, Knack support is intended for how to best use the Knack product. We will walk through how the product works in general and how to set up specific features.
  • Build advice. We will point you in the right direction on which features to use to best meet your application goals. This doesn't mean we'll build these features for you, but we want to make sure you have the right info to build those correctly.
  • Bug fixing. If anything is not working correctly with your app, we will verify that an issue exists.
  • Fit assessment. We want to ensure Knack is a good fit for your use case. We're happy to listen to your application goals and let you know if we think Knack can accomplish these goals, to the best of our ability. We're not experts on your business so we offer no guarantees on these assessments. Ultimately you are still responsible for doing the due diligence required to .

Examples of what Knack support is NOT intended for

  • Business advice. If we make a mistake in supporting your application that results in significant downtime, data corruption, or additional plan costs, we'll consider applying a prorated credit towards future payments.
  • Building your app.
  • Custom code.
  • Workarounds.

Your Support Plan

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Support hours & response times

Support hours & response times

Communicating with Knack Support

Communicating with Knack Support

  • Emails and Tickets
  • In-App Messaging
  • Bugs and technical issues
  • Additional Packages
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