Request Custom Domain

Complete the following form to request a custom domain to be used for your Knack apps.

Please take note of the following before making your request:

  • Custom domains can only be applied to paid accounts on the Pro plan and higher. Requests will be ignored if your account is still in the trial period.
  • You will need access to make changes to your domain name. A CNAME record will be required to be created for your domain. Full instructions will be provided upon completion of the request.
  • In many cases, you will need to choose a domain that includes a sub-domain. For example: should be fine, but may not work for your DNS configuration.
  • If the domain you want to use already is running a website you will need to embed the app. Example: If you have as an active website you can't use that as your Knack custom domain. You could either embed your app into a page on that site or use a different domain such as
  • Your custom domain can be used for any app in your account. You will add the app slug to your domain to access that app. For example:
  • It is not possible to install a custom SSL certificate when using a custom domain. Due to this, the browser can display an unsecure message. To get past this please embed your app instead. This is especially important to note for our EU customers needing to comply with GDPR.
  • Processing these requests can take up to 48 hours.

Custom Domain Request