SEO Snapshots & Indexing

In previous years, we had to rely on some pretty complicated methods to allow Google to crawl and index AJAX based content like Knack apps. This meant, that if you embedded your app into a website and wanted Google to crawl the data from that app, you had to make some pretty major updates to underlying code. It also involved some additional infrastructure and process on our end. Fortunately that method has been deprecated.

Google has improved its technology and can now render AJAX pages (like the ones found in Knack apps) without much effort. There are however some things to be aware of and some things we'll need to change on our end in the coming weeks.

This still requires that you embed your app.

Apps that are running with URLs are not accessible by Google at this time.

Allowing Google to crawl your app is optional.

Apps will not have this enabled by default though it will be a simple option you can enable within your app. Any customers currently using the Snapshots feature will have their embeds enabled by default.

Stay Tuned

Any customers who are using the old format should not need to make any changes. Any applicable billing modifications will be handled automatically. Once we have the necessary changes implemented on our end, we will make an announcement.