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A Better Database Alternative to Notion

  • Written By: Cheyenne Kolosky
A Better Database Alternative to Notion

Many individuals and businesses have turned to versatile database tools like Notion for data organization. However, there’s an alternative that excels in areas where Notion might fall short. Knack’s robust features, customization options, and intuitive interface make it a fantastic database alternative to Notion.

In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons why Knack, an interactive and customizable database tool, outshines Notion in various aspects, offering a rich and powerful solution for data management, project organization, and collaboration.

Customization and Ease of Use

Knack offers a user-friendly interface with plenty of options for customization, making it an excellent note-taking tool and intuitive project management software. Knack makes it easy to design your workspace to match your needs, which makes it suitable for project management, task tracking, and creating wikis. Here’s a closer look at the features that make it a breeze to use:

  • Drag & Drop Design: Build unique workspaces with simple drag-and-drop elements like calendars, kanban boards, and data tables.
  • Template Jumpstart: Skip the setup with pre-built templates for popular uses like CRM, events, and inventory.
  • WYSIWYG Simplicity: Edit data and format content directly, no coding needed.
  • Visual Cues: Highlight key points with instant color-coding based on your criteria.
  • Custom Data Control: Design forms and views tailored to your needs for efficient data collection and analysis.

In contrast, Notion, while versatile, might require a bit more effort to master due to its advanced formatting capabilities.

Powerful Project Management

One of Knack’s key strengths is its exceptional project management features. It is a productivity tool that excels in time tracking, Gantt charts, and comprehensive task management. Here are some features that set it apart:

  • Comprehensive Task Management: Knack empowers users with robust task management capabilities, allowing for efficient tracking, assignment, and completion of tasks. This feature ensures that project workflows remain organized and on track.
  • Dynamic To-Do Lists: Knack’s dynamic to-do lists enhance task management by providing a clear overview of pending tasks and deadlines. Users can easily create, prioritize, and monitor to-do lists, streamlining their project-related activities.
  • Efficient Checklists: Knack’s checklist functionality simplifies task execution. Users can create and manage checklists within their project workspace, ensuring that essential steps are completed systematically.
  • Seamless Subtasks: Knack offers a seamless subtask organization system, allowing users to break down complex projects into manageable subcomponents. This feature promotes a structured and efficient approach to project management.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Knack’s real-time collaboration features foster effective teamwork, ensuring team members can collaborate seamlessly on projects. It’s a collaborative hub for sharing ideas, updates, and progress.
  • Meeting Notes Integration: Knack’s integration of meeting notes within the project management workspace enhances documentation and communication. Users can easily capture meeting discussions, decisions, and action items in the context of their projects.

Knack excels as a project management tool with its comprehensive task management, dynamic to-do lists, efficient checklists, seamless subtask management, real-time collaboration, and integrated meeting notes. These features collectively make Knack an outstanding choice for individuals, small teams, and freelancers seeking to enhance their project management capabilities.

Easy Onboarding

One of the key considerations when choosing a database is the learning curve and onboarding experience. Here are some ways that Knack makes this a smooth process for you and your team:

  • User-Friendly and Customizable: Knack’s user-friendly interface ensures that team members can quickly adapt to the platform without extensive training. The intuitive design and customizable features allow you to tailor the workspace to match your database needs. This level of customization ensures that you can streamline your project workflows efficiently.
  • Minimal Learning Curve: Knack’s straightforward approach to database management means that your team can get up to speed without the steep learning curve often associated with more complex tools. This results in faster onboarding and quicker adoption across your organization.
  • Responsive Customer Support: Additionally, Knack provides responsive customer support to assist with any questions or challenges that may arise during your project management journey. This support ensures that you have the resources and guidance needed to make the most of the platform.

Better Integrations

Knack takes the lead over Notion in terms of versatility, thanks to its seamless integrations with a wide range of essential tools, including ClickUp, Google Drive, Airtable, Trello, and Asana. These integrations enhance Knack’s adaptability and utility across various domains, making it a versatile and powerful database for diverse user needs. Here are some examples of how these integrations work:

  • Zapier: Knack has a robust integration with Zapier, allowing you to connect with over 3,000 other apps and automate workflows. This level of automation is not directly available in Notion.
  • Google Calendar: Knack can integrate with Google Calendar, making it easier to manage your schedules and appointments within the platform. While Notion has calendar views, this integration may offer more comprehensive calendar management.
  • Knack can integrate with, a popular project management and collaboration tool. This integration allows you to bridge data and workflows between the two platforms seamlessly.
  • Coda: Knack can connect with Coda, a collaborative document and spreadsheet platform. This integration enables you to incorporate Coda’s capabilities into your Knack databases and applications.
  • Obsidian: For those focused on knowledge management, Knack’s integration with Obsidian can be valuable. Obsidian is a powerful note-taking and knowledge-management tool.
  • Confluence: Knack’s integration with Confluence, a widely used team collaboration and documentation tool by Atlassian, allows for smoother sharing of information and data between the two platforms.
  • Evernote: Knack integrates with Evernote, a popular note-taking app, enabling users to link their notes and information with Knack databases.
  • Slack: Knack’s integration with Slack enhances communication and collaboration by allowing data and notifications to be shared directly in Slack channels.
  • Android and iOS Apps: Knack offers dedicated mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms, providing users with convenient on-the-go access to their Knack workspaces. Notion also has mobile apps, but the availability of separate apps for Android and iOS may offer more flexibility.
  • Windows Compatibility: Knack is compatible with Windows operating systems, ensuring a seamless experience for users on Windows devices.

Notion Limited Access Control capabilities

Limited Granularity: Notion’s access control settings might be considered less granular compared to more specialized collaboration tools. Users have expressed a desire for more fine-grained control over permissions. Knack offers fine-grained access controls at the field level. 

Workspace-Level Permissions: Notion primarily focuses on workspace-level permissions. While you can invite users to specific pages or databases, the permissions often apply to the entire workspace, and achieving nuanced access control for specific sections within a workspace can be challenging. With Knack, you can decide which applications and pages/views are visible to each separate logged-in user. 

Guest Access Limitations: Collaborating with external guests can be somewhat limited. Guests may not have the same level of access as members, and managing permissions for external collaborators might be less flexible compared to internal team members. Since Knack doesn’t monetize based on users, there are no limits on how many external users can access the system.

Limited User Roles: Notion has a simple user role system, typically with full access or restricted access. More advanced user role configurations, such as custom roles with specific permissions, may be desired by users with more complex organizational structures. Knack has an advanced user role system that can match any size organization.

Revision History Access: Access to revision history might be unrestricted for users with editing privileges, which can be a concern for organizations where more control over who can view historical changes is required. Knack offers detailed record history based on plan level. 

Budget-Friendly Option

When it comes to pricing, Knack stands out as a budget-friendly alternative to Notion, making it an excellent choice for startups, small teams, and expanding businesses.

Knack’s paid plans offer advanced features, greater storage, and robust support options at competitive rates. Notion’s per-user pricing model can result in higher costs for larger teams. For businesses focused on cost efficiency, Knack’s pricing structure is a compelling advantage.

It’s also important to keep in mind that while both Knack and Notion offer free versions, Knack’s free plan comes with more capabilities, making it a competitive choice for cost-conscious users.


With its rich customization options, seamless integrations, and user-friendly interface, Knack is an invaluable tool and one of the best Notion alternatives you can find. Its robust project management features, real-time collaboration, and responsive customer support enhance workflow efficiency and teamwork.

Try Knack for a more enriched, intuitive, and highly customizable data management experience.