Build a custom interface


Add forms, tables, calendars and more so your users can view and update the records in your database.

How it works

Let’s say you store contact records in your Knack database:

Your interface is where you design pages to display and update these contacts:

  • HR checks contact availability with a calendar.

  • Contacts update their own profile with forms.

  • Display contacts with a map on your website.

  • Management views reports on contact statistics.

The right view for the right job

We’ve carefully designed the perfect library of flexible views to build your interface.

  • Forms are used to insert or update records.

    Forms include powerful features like custom emails and submit actions.

  • Maps display addresses sorted by distance.

    Location pins can be color-coded and clicked for more details.

  • Reports display calculations with charts and pivot tables.

    Expand groups to drill-down into the data.

  • Tables are the records powerhouse.

    Options include summaries, grouping, inline editing and more.

  • E-commerce integrates seamlessly with forms to accept payments directly from your app.

    Use equations and formulas to calculate pricing.

  • Details display individual records with flexible layouts.

    Show/hide specific fields based on rules you define.

  • Calendars display date records in day/week/month views.

    Options include repeat and all-day entries.

Interface Features

User logins

Add logins and permissions to control which user can see which page in your interface.

You can even link records to each user so they can access their data only.

Easy navigation

Use menus, icons, tabs, and popups so using your app will feel as natural as a navigating a web-page.

You decide exactly what to include -- your users won't be confused with bloated features they don't need.

Custom design

Personalize your interface with your own logo and colors.

Designers can further control the look with CSS.

Interface FAQ

What's the difference between an app and an interface?
We consider an app the combination of your database and interface. The interface is responsible for updating and displaying records from the database.

Can I add my Knack app to my website?
Yes! You can embed the full interface or just a specific page to your website. It will integrate seamlessly with the surrounding design.

Can users log in and see JUST their linked records?
Yes! It's one of the main strengths of Knack and makes it perfect for creating customer portals, membership apps, and more.

If I require users to login, am I charged per user?
No. There are no "seat" or per-user licenses. Each user would simply count as a record stored in your database.

Does E-Commerce include subscriptions?
Not yet. We launched E-Commerce with one-time payments. We're planning on including subscriptions in the near future.

Can data be exported from the interface?
Yes, you can optionally add an export link to any view to export records in CSV, TXT, or JSON formats.

Case Studies

Medical Healthcare Network Solutions - a tech provider for medical-based businesses - uses Knack to quickly build interfaces for their clients.

Knack's interface builder enables ultra-fast prototyping for client proposals and rapid development for contracted jobs.

Knack elminated a 6 month quoting/bidding cycle and significantly lowers development expense.

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"Knack enables us to build so fast. We can prototype very quickly when bidding on jobs - this shows the client very early on how effectively we can develop a fully functional app.

Josh Cameron, Business Development