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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Pipeline

09/13/2021 Posted by Ranasha

Whether you know it or not, you probably use pipelines in your business. But, how do you know if you’re using them to their full potential?  Knack can help.


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Why Your Business Needs a Source of Truth

05/21/2021 Posted by Danielle

Data is awesome. It is the backbone of so much of what we do…, especially in business. It allows us to have robust online databases to store customer information and functional workflow automation so monotonous parts of our jobs can be done for us.


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Learn How to Extend Your Knack App to Interactive Displays With Intuiface

10/16/2020 Posted by Ranasha

Presented by Alex Bernier at the Intuiface Virtual User Conference


We love to hear how our customers are using Knack! We also appreciate it when they share their Knack knowledge and use cases with others. 

Knack is most often used as a complete solution that combines the power of a relational database with an intuitive, web-based user interface. But Knack can also be effectively paired with other UI platforms for specific use cases. In the coming weeks, we’ll be hearing from Knack customer Alex Bernier, who has done just that.

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Knack Expert Interview: Mike Moore on Empowering Citizen Developers

08/19/2020 Posted by Jeremy


UK Knack partner Mike Moore shares wisdom on how to convince your organization to give no-code a try, how to find and empower citizen developers, and apply Lean principles to bring your operations to the next level.

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Onboarding Remote Employees

07/31/2020 Posted by Jeremy


“Trial? Like a probationary period?”

I had gone through several rounds of interviews, including a two hour video call with 12+ attendees. I thought I had a Knack offer in the bag, so I was surprised when the “employment offer” ended up being an invitation to “trial” with Knack. I had never trialed with a company before. At first take, it seemed like a huge risk. I was asked to engage with Knack on a contract basis for ~2-4 weeks to decide if it was going to be a good long-term fit (AKA if I’d gotten the job). Needless to say, I was hesitant.

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Parenting: How to Make Working From Home Work for Everyone

07/15/2020 Posted by Ranasha


For working parents, whose days require fulfilling professional duties while caring for their children at the same time, the challenge can be intense. Here’s how to create a work-life balance that works.

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Zen & the Art of No Code App Maintenance

07/07/2020 Posted by Danielle

No code apps like Knack allow innovators to move swiftly, saving countless hours of pricey development time. However, the desire to move quickly can sometimes introduce problems that can come back to bite you later.

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How Knack Partners Can Help You Go Further, Faster

06/19/2020 Posted by Jeremy


No matter how intuitive a no-code application development platform is, you’re still developing an application. For many customers, making the journey with a trusted Knack partner becomes just as important as choosing Knack in the first place.

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Updates on Knack’s New Builder 🚀

06/12/2020 Posted by Jeremy

Updates on our new builder beta program, new features and improvements, and how you can help drive the direction of our live apps.

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San Mateo County Uses Knack to Empower Citizen Volunteers

06/04/2020 Posted by Jeremy

How a California county used no-code to coordinate  thousands of volunteers to help respond to COVID-19.

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