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Parenting: How to Make Working From Home Work for Everyone

07/15/2020 Posted by Ranasha


For working parents, whose days require fulfilling professional duties while caring for their children at the same time, the challenge can be intense. Here’s how to create a work-life balance that works.

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Zen & the Art of No Code App Maintenance

07/07/2020 Posted by Danielle

No code apps like Knack allow innovators to move swiftly, saving countless hours of pricey development time. However, the desire to move quickly can sometimes introduce problems that can come back to bite you later.

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How Knack Partners Can Help You Go Further, Faster

06/19/2020 Posted by Jeremy


No matter how intuitive a no-code application development platform is, you’re still developing an application. For many customers, making the journey with a trusted Knack partner becomes just as important as choosing Knack in the first place.

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Updates on Knack’s New Builder 🚀

06/12/2020 Posted by Jeremy

Updates on our new builder beta program, new features and improvements, and how you can help drive the direction of our live apps.

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San Mateo County Uses Knack to Empower Citizen Volunteers

06/04/2020 Posted by Jeremy

How a California county used no-code to coordinate  thousands of volunteers to help respond to COVID-19.

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How to Optimize Slack for Remote Work

05/26/2020 Posted by Liz


While everyone’s been talking about Zoom video conferencing of late, business communication tool Slack has also been adding millions of new users in the past few months. These tools have smoothed the transition from the office to Work From Home, but your remote communication woes aren’t going to be magically solved by simply hopping on a Zoom call or shooting a Slack message into the ether.

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The Life and Times of an Accidental Knack Consultant

05/22/2020 Posted by Jeremy


Carl Holmes didn’t intend to start a Knack consulting business. Like many Knack Partners now in our Builder Network, he just wanted to find an easier way to solve critical business problems.

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Don’t Go Back to the Office

05/14/2020 Posted by Jeremy

With sports on hold due to COVID-19, our new national pastime seems to be predicting how the pandemic will shape the future. Spoiler alert: No one really knows.

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What Your Boss Needs to Understand About Working Remotely

05/07/2020 Posted by Jeremy

The novelty has worn off. The honeymoon is over. Zoom fatigue has set in. Just as weeks spent cooped up with significant others have necessitated relationship adjustments, it’s now time for an intervention with your boss.

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South Africa’s Tech Community Uses Knack to Coordinate Nationwide Pandemic Response

04/30/2020 Posted by Jeremy

Stephen van der Heijden never thought he’d be the one implementing technical solutions to help South Africa’s official response to the coronavirus pandemic. As VP of Growth at talent marketplace OfferZen, he’s not a coder. But thanks to no-code solutions, Stephen found himself leading the way on building an application that’s now coordinating volunteer efforts across the country.

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