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Introducing Knack’s Google Sheets Import: Build Custom Apps with Google Sheets

  • Written By: Cheyenne Kolosky
knack google sheets

Experience the convenience of instant app generation with Google Sheets and Knack Integration.

Elevate your app-building experience with Knack’s latest data source: Google Sheets. Now, you can seamlessly bring in data from Google Sheets directly into your Knack applications, eliminating the need to export to CSV or manually copy and paste data from your Google sheets into CSV. In just minutes, builders can create rich user interfaces effortlessly, connecting their Google Sheets data into new or existing Knack apps to streamline workflows. Knack empowers you to customize your app’s UI effortlessly to match your exact preferences, providing flexibility and control over your data

Import Google Sheet data directly into a new Knack app or an existing Knack app table

This new capability offers a range of powerful features to simplify the data import process. With just a couple of clicks, Knack offers a simple interface for connecting Google Sheets to your applications, enabling seamless data import. Automatic mapping ensures that data fields from Google Sheets are accurately mapped to your application, eliminating manual configuration.

Automatically map data fields from Google Sheets into your Knack app 

This feature also prioritizes security and data integrity. Empower your team or customers to access and edit data without exposing your Google Sheets directly. With Knack, you can utilize user roles, page rules, and permissions to manage different levels of access within your app while maintaining tight control over data security.

The Knack Google Sheets import also eliminates the need for manual data migration, saving valuable time and resources during the app development process. Seamlessly bring in any Google Sheet you have access to directly into an existing Knack App with just a few clicks.

Google Sheet data automatically imported into your Knack app in just a few clicks

Experience the power of Knack and Google Sheets today via a new trial or as an existing customer within the dashboard to unlock new possibilities in data management, productivity, and efficiency.