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Knack Expert Interview: Mike Moore on Empowering Citizen Developers

  • Written By: admin
Knack Expert Interview: Mike Moore on Empowering Citizen Developers

When we interview Knack partners, we often ask what sorts of problems they use Knack to solve. For Mike Moore, that’s the wrong question. While he certainly uses Knack to solve specific business challenges, for many clients his ultimate goal is to help them get to the place where they can solve their own problems using Knack.

“This is what’s so great about the tool…it affords me a lot of flexibility in the approach to the customer. And some of them I introduce to the idea of the ‘Citizen Developer,’ and for them it’s astonishing. Sometimes people don’t believe that they have, within their organization, individuals who can build apps.”

To succeed, it’s crucial to identify those that have the potential to be Citizen Developers, but it’s not always who you’d think.

“When I first started to look for what might be a citizen developer profile, I was focused on technical ability,” Mike explains. “Where they already a wizard in Excel…check. Were they a subject matter expert already…check. What I realize now is…you need someone who wants an adventure. Somebody who likes to be pushed into areas of discomfort. Somebody who loves learning.

“That’s the kind of attitude that goes with the aptitude we’re looking for.”

And once the right team members are identified, hurdles often still exist. Mike offers considerable insight on how to get alignment with traditional IT stakeholders and other naysayers. He recommends easing your organization into no-code by using Knack as a prototyping tool. The worst case scenario is that you quickly have a fully realized prototype of what you ultimately want for a traditional software development project. But after it’s done, organizations realize they have a fully functional solution that already solves the targeted problems.

The interview is full of wide-ranging insights on rapid development, the wisdom of working within boundaries, and changing the culture of your organization to embrace continuous improvement with Knack.