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Why We Chose Remote

  • Written By: admin
Why We Chose Remote

For most of us here at Knack, remote work is more than just a facet of our company culture — it’s a lifestyle we feel lucky to take part in, one that we treasure and that’s become integral to how we operate. (That being said, we do get together twice a year to bond as a team, hash out big ideas, plan next steps, and compete to see who can drink the most coffee).

Since the Knack team is comprised of people from all over the country, of all different ages and backgrounds, our reasons for seeking out this type of workplace environment are understandably varied. We decided to share why some of us have chosen to live and work in this way, and what we’ve learned since we started.

Why did you seek out remote work?

I had a really terrible NYC commute that spanned three trains. It was so miserable I’d started to think I was going to have to move to a different city, despite the fact that there’s nowhere else I’d rather live. Now that I don’t have to commute every morning and evening, it feels like so much more of my day belongs to me.

I wanted the ability to work in a way that is comfortable to me: desk (I can have a standing desk now!), clothing (comfort is #1), movement (walking around the room for a couple minutes helps me release pent-up energy to stay focused on work). Also, the convenience of not having to plan meals ahead since I can just make lunch at home now. I used to bring lunch to work at the office every day.


I had worked a remote job previously that really opened my eyes to the potential of working remotely. I ended up leaving that position for an office job and realized how much I valued the flexibility that remote work can provide.

Work-life balance means everything to me. I want to do great work and be an active part of my daughter’s life.

You don’t seek remote, remote seeks you.


I just have never been one to understand the need to go to a specific physical location to do my work. I work best from home in my own environment away from the normal distractions of an office.

Is there anything about working remotely that surprised you?

Sometimes people mistake working remotely for not working. I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I’m unemployed. Also, I’m surprised by how connected I can feel to a team that spans two continents. This is by far the closest I have ever been with coworkers.

Emojis are life.


How much better I’m able to focus because I can tailor my work environment to my energy levels, and I have way fewer distractions. Also how nice it is to shower in the middle of the day!

I feel like I know everyone as well as I did in my office, even though I’m not entirely convinced this isn’t one large Turing test simulation.

That I’m a morning person. Waking up at 6:45 for a regular office job was a nightmare, but now my most productive hours are in the morning!

How integral it is to my happiness. Especially now, when I’m getting ready to be a mom. I won’t have to feel guilty about working and not spending enough time with my kid. I may be working, but I’ll get to be just in the other room. I’ll get to pop in to make him laugh. I’ll get to spend my lunchtime playing with him. I’ll get to be a part of his life in a way that many parents won’t get the chance with their kids. Plus, I get to share all of that with my husband too, since (bonus!) he also works remotely. It feels like there’s no better environment for us to grow our family.

How much I end up laughing during team hangouts!

I didn’t think I’d ever get tired of working alone in my house, but eventually I did. Coworking has been a great decision for me.



What’s your favorite part about working remotely?

Hanging out with my best amigos all day: my cat and dog.

cam cat

The control over my work environment and being able to have life coincide with work. Not having to have a commute dictate my morning routine and being able to share the workday with my wife and dog.

Flexibility. Having 2 younger children, there’s always something that comes up unexpectedly. A close second: zero dress code.

Not worrying about how many times I get up to go to the bathroom in an office.

Getting to play music as loud as I want.

It allows me to not only enjoy work more, but to enjoy life more. Getting to spend a week in Montreal while still working regular hours was one of my best remote experiences. I still got to do the work that I enjoy while exploring a new city. No compromises.


You won’t find a team like ours anywhere. Everyone is pretty awesome.

It’s kind of a remote trope that remote workers are more productive than our office-bound counterparts; if this isn’t categorically true, it’s certainly been true for me. Because I’m free to pace around my apartment, talk to myself, play music, cook, take showers, etc., I feel unleashed to do my best work. I also save 1-2 hours in commute-related transition time that I use in different non-work-commute-related ways every day.

You can work from anywhere! What’s not to love?


Our reasons for seeking out and sticking with remote work are pretty diverse, ranging from the flexibility and increased time with loved ones to cooking habits and bathroom anxiety. That being said, one thing runs true for all of us: we love the team dynamic we’ve built, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’re looking to make the change to remote work, be sure to check out our jobs page! We’re always on the hunt for new Knacksters.