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Roseburg Therapy LLC 

Roseburg Therapy LLC

Roseburg Therapy LLC, one of the largest mental health organizations in Oregon, provides services for schools, homes, offices, and telehealth platforms. With a workforce of around 180 individuals, their goal is to extend their reach statewide, offering comprehensive in-person and telehealth services.

As they set their sights on expansive growth, managing diverse settings while upholding HIPAA compliance became crucial.

They wanted a HIPAA-compliant tool to pull information from their Electronic Health Records (EHR) to manage their operations more effectively, but they didn’t have the expertise to build something from scratch. Owner Josh Lydon stated, “I’m a social worker–I’ve never done coding before.” But, according to him, Knack was “a friendly no-code environment” that allowed him to pull data and use it in many ways.

HIPAA-Friendly Data Consolidation

To manage patient information, the team at Roseburg Therapy LLC paired their EHR with Google Sheets to manage patient information. However, this system didn’t have all the necessary tools for audits and billing. Using Google Sheets also led to them having several documents and, as the company expanded, handling these documents became too challenging.

Knack provided them with a HIPAA-friendly data consolidation solution. Its intuitive interface and adaptable functionalities allowed them to consolidate their data efficiently. This consolidation streamlined their workflow, ensuring accuracy and compliance in managing sensitive patient data and employee payments.

Passing Audits

With 160 providers offering more than 1800 services weekly, Roseburg Therapy LLC found it challenging to pass audits because it was difficult for employees to track their services. 

Once they started using Knack, their audit performance improved significantly. Knack’s integration allowed them to track records meticulously, providing clarity on every action taken by their staff within each record. 

Capturing Complicated Billing

Complicated billing procedures posed a significant challenge for Roseburg Therapy LLC. They needed a streamlined solution to handle diverse payment criteria such as different insurance types, service durations, rates, and specific license categories.

Knack simplified their billing process by making it easy for them to build an app that tracks and processes payments based on specific criteria within one single record. 

Targeted Communication

Roseburg Therapy LLC wanted an efficient way to share feedback and job-related information with team members.

With Knack, they could customize views based on different roles so that specific user groups receive targeted messages. Knack also made it possible for them to share positive feedback and constructive comments that targeted specific job roles. 

Data Extraction

Since Knack enabled them to extract data from their EHR in a HIPAA-compliant manner, they could then analyze this valuable information to provide better services. Josh shared that they have “leveraged that information in a ton of ways.” 


Roseburg Therapy LLC employees faced a crucial challenge as they expanded their services across diverse settings while staying HIPAA compliant. Seeking a tool to manage their operations efficiently, they found Knack, an intuitive system that streamlined their workflow. 

With Knack’s help, they consolidated scattered data sources into a HIPAA-friendly format, simplifying audits and ensuring precision in handling sensitive patient data and payments. This played a pivotal role in enhancing their efficiency, compliance, and patient care.