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Why do you need an Employee Reviews Spreadsheet Template?

An employee reviews spreadsheet template is an essential tool for any managers who want to stay organized.

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Performance Evaluations

Track and assess employees’ performance over time, recording achievements and areas needing improvement.

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Goal Setting

Establish and monitor individual or team goals within the spreadsheet to ensure alignment with company objectives.

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Feedback Documentation

Maintain a record of feedback given to employees during regular reviews, ensuring a clear history of communication.

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Promotion Consideration

Evaluate employees for promotions or salary increases by referencing their performance history.

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Compensation Management

Manage salary adjustments or bonuses based on merit, with a record of calculations and approvals.

Get Started with Knack’s Employee Reviews Excel Template

With Knack, you can enhance your employee review process effortlessly through our free Excel template for performance management. The key benefits of using this Microsoft Excel worksheet for employee reviews include improved accuracy and efficiency, tracking of employee performance and review dates, and enhanced organization.

Excel Spreadsheet for Employee Reviews
Excel Spreadsheet for Employee Reviews

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