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7 Healthcare Apps you can Build with No-Code

  • Written By: admin
7 Healthcare Apps you can Build with No-Code

In recent years, the healthcare industry has been going through a digital transformation. From telemedicine to electronic medical records, digital solutions are becoming increasingly important for providing quality care and improving patient outcomes. However, developing no-code healthcare applications can be a daunting task, especially for healthcare organizations without significant technical expertise or resources.

This is where no-code development platforms like Knack can be incredibly useful, allowing non-technical users to build custom healthcare apps without writing a single line of code. Since the apps are built by real users and subject matter experts, they more seamlessly integrate into existing workflows. No-code tools tend to be much more cost-effective and take mere days to start seeing return-on-investment.

In this article, we’ll explore five functionalities of healthcare apps that can be built with no-code and Knack, including a patient portal, telemedicine app, prescription management app, health tracker app, and medical record management app. We’ll also discuss how healthcare professionals can build a HIPAA-compliant app. Just because an app has a healthcare instance, you still need to ensure that a specific level of security is used when managing protected health information (PHI). Let’s dive in.

7 Health App Functionalities

1. Patient management system

A patient management system can be a valuable tool for healthcare providers to manage their patients’ records and appointments. With Knack, you can build a system that allows healthcare providers to store and access patient data with features like appointment scheduling, automated reminders, and communication tools that allow providers to communicate with patients and share information securely.

With dozens of integrations, you can build your patient management system into your current workflow seamlessly.

Check out Knack integrations >>

2. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System

An electronic medical record (EMR) system is a critical tool for healthcare providers to efficiently manage patient health records. With Knack’s no-code platform, building an EMR system has never been easier. You can customize the app to meet your specific needs, such as tracking patient demographics, medical history, allergies, medications, and test results. The app can also generate alerts for important information such as allergies or drug interactions. Additionally, you can create secure access for healthcare providers to view and update patient information in real time. With Knack, you can build an EMR system that is intuitive, user-friendly, and HIPAA-compliant. Your organization can benefit from increased efficiency, reduced errors, and improved patient outcomes with a no-code EMR system.

Building an EMR system with no-code and Knack offers a multitude of advantages over using an out-of-the-box EMR system. The first advantage is simply the customization offered when you build your EMR around your existing business processes.

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3. Patient Portal

Today’s patients expect a modern healthcare experience that leverages technology to provide personalized, convenient, and efficient care. With the proliferation of smartphones, wearable devices, and other digital tools, patients are increasingly accustomed to having access to their health information at their fingertips, scheduling appointments online, and receiving virtual care.

You can create a patient portal that gives patients the digital experience they expect. You can build an app that allows patients to access their medical records, view lab results, schedule appointments, and communicate with healthcare providers. The app can include features like secure messaging, prescription refills, and payment processing.

Start building with the patient portal template >>

4. Medical Inventory Manager

A medical inventory manager app is a powerful tool that healthcare organizations can use to streamline their inventory management processes and improve patient care. With Knack’s no-code platform, building a medical inventory manager app has never been easier. This app can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization, allowing you to track medical supplies, manage stock levels, and monitor expiration dates.

The app can also generate alerts when supplies are running low or nearing expiration, ensuring that your organization always has the necessary supplies on hand. Additionally, the app can integrate with other healthcare apps, such as electronic medical record systems or patient management apps, to provide a more comprehensive view of your organization’s operations. With a medical inventory manager app built with Knack, healthcare organizations can increase efficiency, reduce waste, and deliver better care to their patients.

Start building with the Medical Inventory Management template >>

5. Medication tracking

A medication tracking app can help patients keep track of their medications and ensure they take them as prescribed. With Knack, you can build an app that reminds patients when it’s time to take their medication, provides information on dosages and potential side effects, and tracks adherence to treatment plans. You can also include automation features like medication refill reminders, so patients never run out of their prescriptions.

6. Health and wellness.

A health and wellness app can be a useful tool for anyone looking to improve their physical and mental health. With Knack, you can build an app that offers fitness and wellness resources such as:

  • workout plans
  • physical therapy exercises or stretches
  • nutrition tracking
  • meditation guides
  • self-care tips or reminders
  • mental health assessments
  • learning modules with quizzes

You can also include videos or social features like community forums, where patients can connect with others who share their goals and interests.

7. Telemedicine

If you didn’t move to offer a telehealth app during the pandemic, here’s your chance. A telemedicine app can allow patients to receive medical advice and treatment remotely, reducing the need for in-person visits. With Knack, you can build an app that connects patients with healthcare providers through video consultations, secure messaging, and other communication tools. You can also include features like prescription ordering and tracking, so patients can receive their medications without leaving their homes.

HIPAA-Compliance and No-Code Apps

Hospitals and healthcare providers that work with patients in the United States are bound by specific privacy requirements when it comes to the protected health information (or PHI) of their patients.

Download The Ultimate Guide to Building HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Apps >>

Knack is compliant with the policies that HIPAA outlines for a no-code platform like Knack to be able to securely store that PHI. These include:

  • Increased security requirements around encryption, access, and breach mitigation.
  • Increased policy requirements for the Knack team on handling and storing PHI data.

Along with these general requirements, we can also offer a Business Associate Agreement (or BAA) that legally governs our exact responsibilities for storing your PHI.

Get more information about Knack’s HIPAA-Compliance package >>

Start Building Today

In summary, no-code tools like Knack provides a powerful toolset for building a wide range of healthcare apps, from patient management systems to telemedicine apps. You can create custom apps that meet the specific needs of your target audience, whether that’s patients, office staff, or healthcare providers.

Because no-code tools are cost-effective and offer faster app development, you can start seeing success in just a few days. Get a free trial today.