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Ways that No-Code is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

  • Written By: admin
Ways that No-Code is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

In recent years, the healthcare industry has undergone a significant transformation, with technological advancements playing a crucial role.

One such technological advancement that has taken the healthcare industry by storm is the emergence of no-code platforms and no-code apps. No-code tools allow users to create web apps and software solutions without any coding knowledge or experience. These platforms are revolutionizing the healthcare industry in several ways, as discussed below.

What is No-Code App Development?

No-code app development is the process of creating software applications without writing a single line of code. Instead of writing code, builders can use visual interfaces and drag-and-drop tools to create applications quickly and efficiently. No-code app development platforms provide a range of pre-built templates, components, and modules that can be combined and customized to create custom applications.

No-code app development platforms are designed to be user-friendly and accessible, enabling anyone with an idea for an application to create a functional app without having to learn complex programming languages. No-code platforms allow individuals and businesses to develop applications faster, more affordably, and with fewer resources than traditional app development methods.

No-code healthcare operations and app development is revolutionizing the way healthcare applications are created and deployed, making it possible for healthcare organizations to create custom applications that meet their unique needs and requirements. With no-code app development, the barriers to entry for software development have been lowered, allowing more people to participate in the creation of software applications and driving innovation in a range of industries.

Ways That No-Code is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Increased Efficiency with Lower Costs

One of the main advantages of no-code platforms is that they allow healthcare organizations to develop custom software solutions quickly and efficiently and are extremely cost-effective. Healthcare organizations and medical practitioners no longer have to hire expensive developers; the apps can be built by subject-matter experts who are on the ground floor. No-code platforms offer drag-and-drop interfaces, pre-built templates, and a wide range of ready-to-use components, making it easy for healthcare professionals to create apps that meet their specific needs. This increased efficiency has enabled healthcare organizations to focus more on patient care, improving outcomes, and reducing costs.

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For example, many practices find success in building their electronic medical record )EMR) system from scratch instead of using an out-of-box solution. According to a 2022 study by Software Path, healthcare providers can expect to pay around $1,200 per year per user of the EHR system. For a typical practice with 3 physicians and 4 support staff, you would expect to pay $8,400 for system costs alone. Further, maintenance costs alone can be as high as $1,500 per physician per month. Additionally, some EMR systems may charge additional fees for features such as e-prescribing, patient portal access, and lab integrations. All in all, these costs can add up over time and should be factored into the total cost of ownership. Furthermore, a traditional EMR system can take over a year to fully implement.

Building an EMR from scratch with no-code is much less expensive and less time-consuming. Rather than taking months, your build can take just a few days. Since Knack pricing is based on data instead of users, you can be sure that it will be a fraction of the cost of a traditional EMR system.

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Improved Patient Engagement

No-code platforms have also revolutionized patient engagement in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry was already going through a digital transformation, then the pandemic simply expedited the process. Now, patients expect a modern experience. When shopping for a new provider, you can be sure that they may not pick your practice if the digital experience is not positive.

By creating custom software solutions that integrate with electronic health records (EHRs), healthcare providers can now offer patients more personalized care. For example, patients can access their medical records, request appointments, and receive personalized health information, all from a single platform. The functionality is extremely broad, so you can cater it to your practice specifically. This increased engagement has led to improved patient outcomes, higher patient satisfaction, and better communication between healthcare providers and patients.

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Enhanced Data Analytics

Many practices are still leveraging spreadsheets to do their data modeling. They may have digitized their front office or parts of their back office, but there’s still some part of their back office that is on spreadsheets. Spreadsheets lack collaboration functionality, real-time data, and security. Furthermore, a data scientist may be required to gather the stronger pieces of insight needed.

Conversely, no-code platforms have also enabled healthcare organizations to make sense of the massive amounts of data generated by EHRs and other healthcare systems. These platforms offer powerful data analytics tools that enable healthcare professionals to extract insights and make informed decisions. For example, by using no-code platforms, healthcare providers can analyze patient data to identify high-risk patients, track disease outbreaks, and monitor population health trends. This enhanced data analytics has improved patient outcomes, reduced costs, and helped healthcare providers make better decisions.

Improved Collaboration

Finally, no-code platforms have improved collaboration between healthcare professionals, enabling them to work together more efficiently and effectively. By creating custom software solutions that integrate with existing healthcare workflows, healthcare providers can now share information and collaborate in real-time. For example, physicians can collaborate on patient care plans, nurses can communicate with other healthcare professionals to provide better care, and administrators can manage schedules and resources more efficiently. This improved collaboration has led to better patient outcomes, improved communication, and reduced costs.

Early in the summer of 2014, Josh Cameron was researching online database systems for his employer Medical Healthcare Network Solutions, a Houston-based provider of tech services for medical-based businesses and private practices.

He quickly got a sense of Knack’s potential and built a comprehensive company portal including project management, a knowledge base, and equipment tracking. In a very short amount of time, his team went from hundreds of spreadsheets to a complete digital transformation.

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Increased Security and HIPAA-Compliance

No-code platforms are transforming the healthcare industry by providing increased security to patient data and information. Healthcare organizations are under constant threat of cyberattacks, which can result in the loss or theft of sensitive patient information. No-code platforms are helping to address this issue by providing robust security features that protect patient data and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

No-code platforms offer several security benefits to healthcare organizations, including encryption of data at rest and in transit, access controls, and audit trails. These features ensure that only authorized personnel can access patient data, and that any changes made to patient records are tracked and audited.

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Knack is compliant with the policies that HIPAA outlines for a no-code platform like Knack to be able to securely store that protected health information (PHI). These include:

  • Increased security requirements around encryption, access, and breach mitigation.
  • Increased policy requirements for the Knack team on handling and storing PHI data.

Along with these general requirements, we can also offer a Business Associate Agreement (or BAA) that legally governs our exact responsibilities for storing your PHI.

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In conclusion, no-code platforms are revolutionizing the healthcare industry in several ways, including increased efficiency, improved patient engagement, enhanced data analytics, and improved collaboration. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, no-code platforms are poised to play an even more significant role in transforming healthcare delivery and improving patient outcomes.

You can start building today with Knack and no-code for free (absolutely no hidden costs). Get started and don’t forget to ask about our HIPAA-Compliant Package.

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