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Arizona Autism

Optimizing Business Operations With HIPAA-Compliant Knack Apps

Arizona Autism

Arizona Autism is Arizona and Colorado’s most trusted pediatric therapy agency that provides full spectrum pediatric care and assistive services for families and all kids living with developmental delays and challenges.

Ryan Sherman, founder of Arizona Autism, leverages Knack to build HIPAA compliant apps for Arizona Autism and other companies he owns that serve the developmentally disabled. We recently sat down with Ryan to learn why he migrated his apps from Quickbase to Knack to track productivity and optimize business operations.

Building Complex HIPAA-Compliant Apps With Knack

Ryan utilizes Knack to build HIPAA-compliant apps that help him manage various elements of his healthcare businesses. For example, he’s constructed a complex nursing app that enables him to comply with state requirements for nurses and track performance. 

Managing nursing teams is no easy task, but his Knack app enables him to track worker productivity. In a detailed analytics section, he can see who is filling the most appointments and solving the most tasks. This data enables him to identify gaps in performance and make improvements to increase productivity.

Furthermore, he created a unique app that allows his staff to text an automated system to check in when they’ve arrived at a home for an appointment. This system is integrated with Twilio and enables him to track who is clocked into different services and for what length of time. 

This data is hard copied into a timesheet, which allows him to comply with an Arizona regulation. Best of all, it operates on its own, which allows him to automate what would’ve been a time-consuming process.

I built a cool app where nurses can text a system that gives them a unique code that goes on a hard-copied timesheet. I connected Knack with Twilio, and it has a management console that shows who’s clocked into what services and for how long. I have many different companies using it, and it’s been great.

Creating a Knack-Powered HR Management System

Ryan is currently working on building a new HR management system with Knack that handles all of the steps his staff have to take before becoming employees. 

For instance, the new system is used to manage recruiting, onboarding, payroll enrollment, and employee credentialing. Once the professional becomes an employee, they’re migrated to another system.

Switching From Quickbase to Knack

Before he became a Knack customer, Ryan attempted to use Quickbase to build HIPAA-compliant applications. However, it quickly became infeasible. 

After building several apps with Quickbase, they adjusted their pricing model and it became too expensive for him. That led him to migrate all of his apps to Knack, which offered him more affordable pricing. In addition, Ryan stated that he prefers the user interface of Knack over Quickbase.

Knack is 50x cheaper than Quickbase, and that’s not an exaggeration.

What’s Next?

Ryan mentioned that he’ll continue migrating his apps to Knack from Quickbase, like his HR system.

In the months to come, we’re excited to see how Ryan continues to save time and optimize business operations by building new Knack apps.