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We’re building a 100% remote team dedicated to maximizing our impact, continuously improving, and enjoying the journey.

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Remote is not a perk, it’s how we’ve built our company.

Working remotely at Knack Remote office meeting on Halloween

We’ve been 100% remote from the beginning. Every decision we’ve made has been around how to best grow a team, do amazing work, and build a lasting culture in a 100% remote environment.

The benefits of a remote culture are tremendous. We collectively love it and will never go back. But it's also true that remote requires more organization, better communication, and proactive transparency to really make it work.

Here's a few challenges and lessons that have helped guide our remote culture.

It's a work in progress

There aren't many roadmaps for this. We’re constantly evaluating our remote operations and experimenting with different approaches.

Real-time is still valuable

Not everything can be asynchronous. We use video hangouts when they make sense and have overlap hours to encourage real-time communication.

It's a team effort

Our remote culture hinges on every team member being proactively engaged: seeking out feedback, advocating for progress, teaching and learning.

We love faces

We're not just chat avatars, we're people. We make it easy to hangout together and believe face-time improves communication.

Serendipity is still possible

It just needs encouragement. So we have lots of cross-functional teams, we show our work early and often, and encourage learning at every step.

Public knowledge is shared knowledge

99% of our conversations happen in public chats. Knowledge is distributed, and anyone can contribute and learn.


We get together twice a year in awesome locations to do normal human things in person.

Retreat dinner at Knack Celebratory retreat dinner

We feel this is important on many fronts: we strategize, we get important work done, and most importantly we enjoy getting to know each other better.

We've gone to great locations like Puerto Rico, Miami, and Salt Lake City.

Our culture

Culture is not ping-pong (although we love ping-pong). Our culture helps identify and reinforce who we are, what we value, and how we operate.

Above all, doers

You get things done. You remove roadblocks. You don't let titles get in the way of doing good work. And you don't need management to tell you how to do it.

Be your authentic self

You don't have a work life and personal life. You have a life. We want you to live it. We're all a little weird and we like it that way.

Trust, laugh, and learn

Everything starts with our team. When your team can trust each other, make fun of each other, and learn from each other, amazing things will happen.

Optimize for your best work

It's not about work-life separation. It's about work-life optimization. Let's figure out how do to our best work, both individually and as a team.

From the founders

If you would have asked us early on what part of building Knack we were most proud of, it would have been the product. Identifying a unique pain point and building a product that solves it is tremendously gratifying.

If you ask us now, that answer is different. We’re most proud of building the Knack team.

We use the term “building” loosely, as we certainly didn’t set out with a master plan aimed at achieving what this current collection of amazing Knacksters has become.

We got lucky. Our best HR move was somehow convincing quality people to join us early on and getting them involved in the hiring process. As they came to value what we were building, they were conscious to protect and expand it with each new hire. So it became self-selecting.

We emphasized attributes you can’t pick up from a resume: a sense of humor, a sense of humility, and (perhaps most importantly) just being a quality human being. More than any skillset, these are the things that have formed the bedrock of our culture. They are not attributes you can learn easily.

We’ve also been intentional about incorporating the best of every new hire into our team and operations. We’ve never thought that we’ve got it all figured out -- we need to be continuously questioning and improving.

The result is a team that we are simply delighted to work with every single day. Egos are left at the door. Titles don’t get in the way of getting things done. Customer problems are more important than company problems.

The best part is now we get to see exactly what this team is capable of. We think it’s going to be big. Our sights are set on nothing less than building a world-class product that enables millions of customers to do amazing things with their data.

We’re looking for more kindred spirits to join us and help make that happen.

- Brandon & Eric


Unlimited Paid Vacation
Take the time you need to stay motivated, charged, and balanced. You’ll get required days off for birthdays and knackiversaries.

Paid Corporate Retreats
We get together twice a year at amazing locations to do normal human being things in person. We pay for your flight, lodging, and meals.

Learning Credits
An annual allowance is provided to stay on top of your game with classes, books, and conferences.

We offer health, vision, and dental, covering 75% of the premium for you and your dependents (spouse + children).

We give you the option to automatically deduct funds from your pay to stash them away for your golden years! (Currently non-matching, but stay tuned!)

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