Helpful & Friendly Support

We understand that the support we provide is just as important as the product you use.

You'll find an talented team at Knack eager to help you build an outstanding online database app.

Will you help me build my app?

During your trial, we're happy to offer assistance to help you decide whether Knack is the solution for you.

Sometimes this includes building out small portions or specific functions in your app as a proof-of-concept.

Beyond the trial, we can also offer further personalized assistance on the Pro plans and above. This includes learning more about your app goals and advising in the best way to achieve those with Knack.

The Starter plan is limited to support on the basics of using the Knack platform.

If you want to hire someone to build your app for you, you can find a trusted Knack Expert in our Expert Network.

Do you have a knowledge base or any tutorials or videos?

Yes, you can view our complete knowledge base at and our community forum at

Do you offer live chat?

While we do not offer instant or live chat, we do offer a convenient in-app messenger. When you're logged into Knack you'll see a help button at the bottom right. We are available to chat during EST business hours. We're typically on much more than that, but those are our supported hours.

If you don't see us available you can send us a message and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Do you offer video support?

We’re big fans of videos to help us answer your questions or troubleshoot any issues you run into. Feel free to record a video to talk us through a new part of your app you’d like to build or an issue you’re running into in a visual way. You don’t have to send us multiple paragraphs describing a bug you’re running into. You can simply record a video of your screen going through the steps that lead to the issue.

Video makes it easier for us to provide thoughtful and detailed responses to your questions or to dig into your issues without delay. This means that we can ultimately resolve your requests faster.

Do you offer phone support?

In an effort to provide the best support we can during the ever-changing COVID-19 outbreak, we will no longer be offering scheduled phone support as of April 23, 2020.

We made that change to give our team the ability to provide our customers with the best support possible during the COVID-19 outbreak. We believe it isn’t possible to provide the same effective assistance over the phone that we can provide through email or our in-app messenger.

Click here to learn more about this change.

What kind of response times are typical for support requests?

We always try to respond as quickly as we can, but if things get busy we do have to prioritize requests based on the plan you have:

  • Starter: 1 -2 business days
  • Pro: 1 business day
  • Corporate: less than 1 business day
  • Enterprise: same day, when possible

Can I upgrade plans temporarily just to access higher support features?

No. At least a 3 month plan history is required to access the respective support features.

Do you offer dedicated support or extended training sessions?

Yes, we can offer both at a package or hourly rate.