Contact Directory

Easily manage all your contacts and track notes and communication.

Contact Directory Template App

Contact directories give you one central place to store your contacts, group them into companies, and add notes to track your communication.

Knack makes it easy to build and customize your own contact directory, so you can view and manage all your contacts and companies in a password protected online database.

This contact directory template groups contacts by company, with easy search and filter tools. You can view contact details and add notes and reminders for each contact.

There are many options for expanding the functionality of a contact directory, such as building into a larger CRM or marketing management app.

Explore the following resources to help you build your own custom app:


Why Use This App Type?

  • Flexibility to adapt to your specific use case – track customers and leads, physicians covered in different insurance networks, students at different schools in the district, and more!
  • Simplify operations by storing all contact data in one place with each searching and filtering.
  • Mobile-friendly interface allows your users to always find the info they need, no matter what device they’re using.
  • Save time by building a flexible, no-code Knack app that allows you to easily share info with your community or organization.

Key Features

  • Custom contact details – Define which data each contact will display. More details can be viewed by clicking on each contact.
  • Maps and direction – Include maps so users can see all business geographically and easily get directions.
  • Easy management – Adding and updating contacts is simple, there\’s no bloated software full of confusing features you\’ll never use.
  • Mobile friendly – Contacts can be viewed and updated on any mobile device.

About This App

Our demo apps are designed as a learning tool. You can get a sense for what types of apps are possible with Knack. Install apps to your own account to see how they are built. Then, build your own custom Knack app using our no-code Builder!

What’s Next?