Event Calendar

Manage a public calendar for community-submitted events

Event calendars are perfect for displaying events and other date-driven data. Knack makes it easy to create and customize your own event calendar.

This calendar can be embedded right into your website. Events can be filtered, categorized, and color-coded. The community submits their own events for approval.

Editors receive email notifications of suggested events and log in to review or reject each event.

There are many options for expanding the functionality of an event calendar, such as enabling event registration or incorporating it into a project management app so employees can see upcoming due dates.

Explore the following resources to help you build your own custom app:


The public calendar can be viewed right from your own website with categorized and color coded events. The community can recommend events to add. Admins can log in to review suggested events and can approve or reject each entry.


  • Embed your calendar on any website for viewing and filtering events. The community can submit events for approval.

  • Admins manage events and approve submissions.

Why Use This App Type?

  • Flexibility to adapt to your specific use case - build an event calendar for a church, local community center, club, sports league, school, and more!
  • Easily integrate your event calendar with many other app types. A calendar in a project manager can show you upcoming task due dates.
  • Save time with a simple process for receiving and approving user-submitted events.

Key Features

  • Define the filters and any color codes to easily find and categorize your events.

  • Admins receive alerts for new event submissions and can approve or reject.

  • Solicit new event submissions from the community or your own custom audience.

  • Events can be viewed and submitted on any mobile device.

About This App

Our demo apps are designed as a learning tool. You can get a sense for what types of apps are possible with Knack. Install apps to your own account to see how they are built. Then, build your own custom Knack app using our no-code Builder!

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