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Grant Management Template

Efficiently Track Grants and Report on Fundraising

Grant Management Template

The Grants Management Template revolutionizes how organizations handle grant proposals, catering to non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and diverse entities.

This app is a comprehensive solution for efficient grant tracking, offering a user-friendly interface for various users. Administrators can easily track and manage grant opportunities, ensuring a smooth workflow from submission to approval. For team members, the app provides visibility into the status of their applications, facilitating streamlined documentation management.

The system also empowers internal company administrators to efficiently handle funds received from grants, enabling precise allocation, tracking, and impactful reporting.

With its versatile features, Grants Management Template enhances collaboration, transparency, and effectiveness in the grant management process.

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Why Use This Free Template?

  • Simplified Grant Application Process: Knack’s grant management template app streamlines the process of tracking and managing grants, making it easy to stay organized and up-to-date.
  • Customizable and Scalable: Knack allows you to customize the app to match your organization’s unique grant management needs, ensuring it can grow with your requirements.
  • Efficient Workflow Automation: With Knack, you can automate repetitive tasks and workflows, saving time and reducing manual data entry errors.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: The app fosters workspace collaboration among team members, allowing for real-time updates and seamless communication, ultimately leading to more successful grant management.

Key Features

  • Grant Application Tracker – Efficiently manage and search through grant applications, providing a central hub for seamless tracking and oversight. You can track eligibility, grant writing, docs, due dates, and even more grant details using custom fields.
  • Workflow Management – Create customized workflows to guide the entire lifecycle of grant applications, from submission and review to tracking status and outcomes.
  • Grant Funds Allocation and Tracking – Streamline the management of funds received from grants, allowing precise allocation, monitoring usage, and generating insightful impact reports.
  • User-Specific Dashboards – Tailored dashboards for administrators, employees, and researchers ensure a user-friendly experience, providing relevant insights and functionalities for their specific roles in the grants process.

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