Multi-Step Application

Easily create multi-step forms that can be saved and submitted.

Multi-Step Application

Multi-step applications are perfect for long forms that need to be broken out into multiple steps or filled out over more than one session.

Knack makes it easy to build and customize your own multi-step application.

This multi-step application template enables applicants to sign up and fill out the application in multiple steps. Applications are automatically saved as they go from step to step, and can be submitted when complete.

Admins receive email notifications of completed applications and login to review and rank each application.

There are many options for expanding the functionality of a multi-step application, as it’s a flexible building block that can be incorporated into a wide range of workflows.

Explore the following resources to help you build your own custom app:


Why Use This App Type?

  • Flexibility to adapt to your specific use case – multi-step forms can be used for job applications, grant applications, scholarship applications, surveys, user data collection, compliance documentation, and much more!
  • Automated reminders and notifications when new applications are submitted and as an applicant moves through the hiring process.
  • Protect user data using a secure Knack app, ensuring applicant data stays private.
  • Save time by building a flexible, no-code Knack app that allows you to use the same page for all applicants, while still allowing each applicant to only see their own data.

Key Features

  • Custom steps – Define each step, how many, and which form inputs go where. It can be as long or as short as you need.
  • Form logic – Add logic to skip steps, jump right to submission, or access any part of the application.
  • Integrated workflow – Build in notifications and alerts when applications have been saved and submitted.
  • Mobile friendly – Applications can be filled out on any device and embedded right in your website.

About This App

Our demo apps are designed as a learning tool. You can get a sense for what types of apps are possible with Knack. Install apps to your own account to see how they are built. Then, build your own custom Knack app using our no-code Builder!

What’s Next?